With hundreds of water infrastructure operators on staff, and decades of experience running treatment facilities of all kinds, Woodard & Curran understands how to design and build plants that are easy to operate. Choosing a design-build-operate approach delivers all the benefits of engineer-led design-build with the additional cost-certainty of having a fully resourced operations team in place before the project is complete.


Whether a project delivers a meaningful return on the owners’ investment depends on how it is managed. In the case of major infrastructure projects, this is especially true. Every day, Woodard & Curran maintains, manages, and improves water treatment systems across the country, providing facility owners with reliable, professional contract operations. This delivers cost certainty and accountability because we take responsibility for staffing, compliance, and maintenance so our clients can focus on their core business. Adding these benefits to a design-build project extends the value, accelerates return on investment, and gives you significant peace of mind.


Woodard & Curran Constructors already integrates operability and maintainability into the projects it designs, leveraging the experience of our certified operators and operations experts. When we take on a design-build-operate contract this approach creates additional value, because it ensures that members of the team that will run the finished facility are engaged in the design and construction process, shortening the learning curve and reducing the time it takes to reach optimum performance.

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