Contract Operations

The long-term return on an investment in clean water infrastructure is determined by how well it is operated and maintained. Staffing, compliance, predictive and preventive maintenance, and planned upgrades are all critical to a projects success in the years and decades after construction. Our clients rely on us to solve these issues for them so that they can focus on their core mission.


The clean water industry, like other similar fields, is undergoing a major demographic shift. As experienced operators retire, owners are finding them harder and harder to replace. With hundreds of certified operators and support staff in the firm, Woodard & Curran has the flexibility and staffing to cover gaps and emergencies and keep our clients’ facilities operating smoothly. In addition, we understand how to recruit, develop, and retain the future leaders in the field, providing stability and peace of mind to our clients. And finally, we back all of this with the knowledge and skills of hundreds of engineers and scientists, ready to step in as needed to solve any problem that may arise. 


When we operate a facility, we act as a full member of our client’s team because we believe that an integrated, collaborative approach to operations is better for our clients. We make sure that our managers are engaged with the right people throughout our clients’ organizations to align our operations activities and schedule to their needs. Depending on the setting, this might mean planning required down-time to avoid conflicts with an industrial facility’s production schedule or preparing special reports for a significant public meeting. Whatever the need, we make every effort to anticipate it and move proactively rather than reacting once it becomes time-critical.


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