Clean Water Infrastructure

Founded in the early days of the Clean Water Act, Woodard & Curran has helped hundreds of clients address their clean water needs. Woodard & Curran Constructors applies that experience, along with best-in-class project management, the right technology tools, and a truly collaborative approach to build cost-effective clean water infrastructure that allows communities and organizations to thrive.


As a firm, we have been finding solutions to critical clean water needs for clients across the country since 1979. In that time, we have seen new technologies come into the field, integrated them into our practice, and developed creative new ways to apply them. We evaluate every project through the lens of our experience, listen carefully to our clients’ needs, and then apply creative problem-solving to achieve their goals. From the concept phase through commissioning and into long-term operations, we apply innovation and experience to get the most for our clients.


Drinking water, stormwater management, water reclamation and recycling, groundwater remediation—our engineers, designers, scientists, and construction professionals create cutting-edge water infrastructure for every type of need. We have designed, built, and operated some of the most advanced facilities in the country, tackled some of the most challenging problems in the industry, and delivered on our promises with trademark commitment and integrity. The power of our firm is our people and their unyielding desire to exceed your expectations.

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